An Intro

For a while now (about 2 years) i’ve had a real urge to write. With a proper pen (a blue uni-ball micro) and on paper, not using a keyboard. While you might be reading this in a digital form, all the words were poorly handwritten first, and then typed up.

I wasn’t sure why I felt the urge to write, and didn’t know what to write about – i’m not an expert on any particular subject (i’m well rounded tho’). The thought of writing for enjoyment didn’t occur to me until recently, around the same time I found a subject I wanted to write broadly about.

I haven’t needed to do proper writing, with a pen and paper, for ages. Since exams in uni actually, more than 10 years ago now. Even before then where possible i’d type rather than use a pen. I was computer-mad from a young age, but never went full geek. I was always wary of my mates taking the piss if/when I got too geeky. Peer pressure is such an influential thing – i’ve umm’d and err’d about starting this blog and committing it online under my real name just because I know it will give my mates some good ammo. But i’m fortunate to count the relationships with almost all my closest mates in multiples of decades, so this doesn’t worry me too much.

I’m digressing badly. I always feel the need to fully explain things, quite often in detail. I like to know the details of everything, and am learning that most other people don’t care about small details as much as me. A lot of my posts will probably be quite long, but no one is forcing you to read them. Must work on my brevity!

Anyway. Life has seemed busy in recent years. Since my Mum’s passing, marrying Kirsty and bringing Elsie in to the world, I’ve started to value time differently. Picking up a pen to do some writing has really helped stablise me, slow things/life down, made me reflect, remember things, and make my brain think in new old ways. It’s been enjoyable!

When Mum got ill in late 2015 I decided to start a daily journal (I highly recommend an app called Day One if you’re interested in starting your own) to help me record my thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. The short form jotting and rambling really helped me through the grieving process and it’s a habit i’ve kept up. Being a child of the Google-era I swear my memory is not as good as it could be. But playing rugby (retired now) and enjoying beer (not retired) probably doesn’t help either. But now i’m craving a longer form of writing to complement my journal.

As Elsie approached her 3rd month birthday (yes, that’s a thing – we’re new parents!) the opportunity to write about her and the change she has led seemed too good to pass up. Finally I have a topic I feel confident writing about, and as life speeds up this will force me to slow down – something i’m really craving.

I’m planning to write pieces about her birth, her effect on me and my lifestyle, the effect on my relationship with KJ, our parenting style, the financial impact, paternity leave, and how she develops, and more. All from my perspective. I don’t have any particular agenda, and won’t be offering advice. If the posts are informative or entertaining that will be a bonus. I’m quite boring really.

Before I finish this intro…. and this is probably just me over-thinking again…. but I’m asking myself – why am I sharing this online? Do I need to? Will anyone care? Well i’ve decided that I don’t care if no one cares (Kirsty has promised to read them, and I reckon my Dad will too). I’m mainly doing this for me, but if in some unforeseen way my ramblings help / impact anyone else then great. And it’s not hurting anyone, so why not?! I don’t think my writing is / will be monetizable, and that’s not a goal of mine. Would I share things about Elsie that weren’t going so well? Yes, I’ll be open and honest and will share “negative” stuff. Am I boasting in any way? No. That’s not an intention of mine and nothing I write should ever be interpreted that way.

What about posting photos of Elsie on the open www? Well Kirsty and I discussed this and agreed some principles to go by. So I have come to the conclusion that blogging online is a totally normal thing to do these days. I’ve also noticed, during my hours and hours of researching and reading that almost all writing on this subject (online and in books) is done by women / mothers and predominantly aimed at women / mothers. I would like to bring more male / Dad views to the table.

Comments are welcome.

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