Lockdown Life in Orkney

Monday 21st September 2020, it’s 05:30. There’s something really depressing about most train stations, but especially this one, right now. It’s drizzling and cold and i’m stood on a COVID-Secure platform at Chester waiting for the 05:51 to London, off to start my new job after 9 months “off”. The bleakness of the platform, the … Continue reading Lockdown Life in Orkney

Goodbye to Sierra Leone, for now

Wow, that escalated quickly!  When we moved to Salone we had always planned a 10 day trip back to the UK in mid-March, mainly so Elsie could get her all-important 1 year immunisations from Western docs. As we got in to the first week of March and the coronavirus story started developing we began to … Continue reading Goodbye to Sierra Leone, for now