1H01 – 1st Half Financial Review

Chief Financial Officer's Introductory Comments In 2 BE (2 Years Before Elsie) I spent a grand total of £7,325 “going out” - whether that be drinking with the lads (most of it), or drinks / meals out with Kirsty, work drinks, etc. In 1 BE (a stag doo heavy year) that had dropped to £5,314, … Continue reading 1H01 – 1st Half Financial Review

Life 7 Months In

A personal reflection on change; my perfectionist nature; dealing with my stress, and man-feelings All Is ForgivenIt’s 08:30 on a sunny Saturday morning and we’re in the Rookery. Lying flat in your pram you are staring up in absolute wonder and awe at a tree, a huge grin on your face like it’s the best … Continue reading Life 7 Months In

An Intro

For a while now (about 2 years) i've had a real urge to write. With a proper pen (a blue uni-ball micro) and on paper, not using a keyboard. While you might be reading this in a digital form, all the words were poorly handwritten first, and then typed up. I wasn't sure why I … Continue reading An Intro