1H01 – 1st Half Financial Review

Chief Financial Officer's Introductory Comments In 2 BE (2 Years Before Elsie) I spent a grand total of £7,325 “going out” - whether that be drinking with the lads (most of it), or drinks / meals out with Kirsty, work drinks, etc. In 1 BE (a stag doo heavy year) that had dropped to £5,314, … Continue reading 1H01 – 1st Half Financial Review

The First Few Days, and Paternity Leave

“Allah, Allah, Allah” Elsie screamed. For the first few weeks her cry resembled a high pitched and very loud call to prayer. In our exhausted state we found it funny. Seeing the funny side of things definitely helped keep us as relaxed and calm as possible during those turbulent first few days. Getting back home … Continue reading The First Few Days, and Paternity Leave